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We are rapidly developing in a lot of ways in Muskegon.  One of the key things on a lot of people's minds is that development and access to the water for the public.  While we don't go out of our way to get in the middle of a lot of the biggest arguments in town, there's plenty of discussion going on about water access so we'll continue the conversation.  


Since the 1930's The McKee Family has done business in Muskegon with the Mart Dock and Sand Products Corporation.  Max McKee is the head of the operation now and there has been a lawsuit filed against the City of Muskegon over some property being developed adjacent to their main area along Muskegon Lake.  The concern is the access of the public to the water and the way a deal was made in the past to give a piece of this land over to development.  The suit contends that it wasn't an equitable deal and that mistakes were made in a piece of land that was deeded to the public for all time.  It was hurried through and that all of the outcomes were not properly thought through before the deal was signed off on.  

Max believes that on April 25th there will be an amended agreement brought before the City Commission to review and vote on and he's working to bring to light what this deal entails and some mistakes he sees in this plan along with what he believes are some areas where the access to the water isn't really being addressed fairly.  The ask of us was simple, can we help show the side Max is thinking isn't such a good idea.  Ok.  

Awareness is what the goal is and information is what's being provided.  If it's a concern of yours, it's something you should be a part of at the City Meeting to not only learn more about, but hear both sides of and then make a decision on.  This is part of the civic process.  Max does a really good job in pointing out the areas of concern in the video above and explains how this has all come to be including the law suit and the predicament it's gotten everyone in.  Please take a listen and learn his side.  

While we don't have an "investigative team" to dig into this like some, to let you know the concerns is something we can do and should the others in this debate wish to share their end, we're open to that as well.  In a perfect world, everything would always work out.  Knowledge is power however and to have Max offer to share his side is a good start.  We appreciate the chance to visit.  For full disclosure, we do work with the Aquastar which is a branch of the company Max is part of.   This particular story is aside from that work however.