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Hackley Community Care is resetting the way that COVID is being talked about in 2023 and we're so pleased to welcome Valerie Lego to help share the information with you.  There's nothing here to "fear".  There's nothing here that's to set you in to an urgent need to react, lock yourself in the house or be afraid that another shut down is coming.  It's a legitimate conversation about a virus that is not going away, continues to hospitalize some and with the simplest of prevention, can have a lot lower impact if you do contract it.



Hackley Community Care knows that the exhaustion of all things COVID is real. It's also something that we're going to have to adapt to no matter your opinion, beliefs or desires.  The information provided here is from the caring staff at Hackley Community Care.  They are able to help you keep up to date on boosters as well as information needed as it becomes available on their website.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE HACKLEY COMMUNITY CARE COVID PAGE.

We are proud to work in partnership with Hackley Community Care.  Their outreach and service for our area fits hand in hand with their pledge of Hackley Community Care - For Your Whole Life.  You can VISIT THEIR WEBSITE by clicking on the image below.

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