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11 years that it's been a give back from the Muskegon Charter Boat Association.  A day to break free of the confines of home and get out on the water to enjoy the rolling waves, a little comradery and hopefully come back with a story or two for our area Veterans.  Terry Armstrong and Chas Hibbard are two of the organizers of this amazing giveback day.  Take a listen. 


The companionship alone could be the sole focus, but the over all experience for the participants is a recognition for their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for all of us in the name of freedom.  It's a full day for the fisherman and the charter boat guys.  Up before the chickens and out the door to hit the lake right about the time the fish really get running.  Not a bad thing to have a group of seasoned fishermen out there who understand natures patterns and when the time to strike is.  Once the live wells are filled and the boats circle up at the end of the channel, well, that's when it becomes out turn.

The annual welcome home happens beginning at noon along the Muskegon Channel wall and the public is strongly encourages to come down, line the walk and give a hero's welcome to those returning from their day on the lake.  After which, the party shifts and the work begins.  Back to Great Lakes Marina and the luncheon is served while more than one story about the "one that got away" is spun.  Meet and greet the Vets and then at 2:30 the weigh in begins.  3p it's a wrap and the day is in the history books.  

It's an incredible give on the part of a group in Muskegon that is equally fun, industry, tourism and proper care of the environment.  Veterans of all ages will be participating and it's utterly important to keep in mind that as time goes by, so do the veterans who've served.  The Vietnam era are in or rapidly approaching their 80's now.  Honor, is on us to provide and the Muskegon Charter Boat Association leads the way by example.  Please take a look at their page and see if you can help too.  

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