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We began in the most humble of ways. It seems that “what it takes” is that kind of beginning to get a hold of success and while we strive for that day to day, the recognition of those who’ve put in the time, treasure and talent ahead of us look to us to help them promote their business, we take that opportunity with great pride and the chance to celebrate a 40th Anniversary of one of Muskegon’s biggest success stories…who happens to be a part of what we do, we’re coming in big.


Bryan Betten. Talk about the climb. Beginning working for his uncles in the car business in Grand Rapids, pulling weeds and washing cars…learning all that he could both on how to get it right and where things could be improved by what he saw around him drew on that family business until it was time for him to give it a shot on his own and when the opportunity came along for a dealership in Muskegon that literally had chains on the doors from the previous group, it was time to jump into the deep end, and that’s what happened.

Henry Street became the home of Betten Chevrolet in a time of a much different competitive market. 1983 was an era when import cars were coming in to play more and more and while Muskegon and West Michigan has always been a “domestic car market” some serious thought had to be given to how to move ahead. One of the staples of the Betten dealership has always been premium preowned vehicles, so that was helpful and still is, but in today’s new car world….with the longevity and amenities offered among all brands, foreign or domestic….the payoff is in finding the group of people whose core values reflect the community they serve, the products they carry and the people who make the dealership what it is. That is what Bryan Betten has fostered in his leadership style since day one. It carries on today.

Tenures among staff are staggering. Some of which have been there the entire time. Repeat buyers are up to their 9th or 10th vehicle in some cases and on the rare occasion there is a problem….the attention to detail to resolve it carries through the entire company. It’s a level of service and commitment that has withstood the test of time like no other in Muskegon and the loyalty returned is unheard of at almost any other dealer, anywhere.

With that success comes the ability to give back and improve the quality of life in the community which is a daily occurrence. Look around you in Muskegon. Look at how many places you see that Betten Baker logo on the events and services you care the most about. From charity events, to food drives, help for veterans and the homeless, the very humble heart of the head of it all quietly glows behind it without asking for a lot of fanfare or pats on the back. It’s a level of generosity without saying “HEY LOOK AT ME” should be studied for the next few generations and maybe even sent back a couple in reverse. Bryan is getting it right and continues to do so with his team in place.

It’s our honor to be able to work with Betten Baker. It was a big honor for me to get a few minutes to celebrate a success like this and as you may have seen in the video, I am in a beautiful Suburban and it won’t be long until a new Honda Pilot comes along from right across the street. Our business has been earned, and it’s with our humble gratitude that we say thank you to Bryan Betten for all that is done for individuals and community.

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