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It's a sigh of relief to be honest with you.  The national emergency over the COVID 19 Virus is over.  On every level.  To look back over what we've all been through together and what we've still got to do in recovery from the heavy times we all had, well it's going to be a while and the virus isn't going away.  We're not here to cause any emergency or panic.  We'd just like to work with our great partners at Hackley Community Care and Val Lego to help define COVID 2023.



This is simply to inform and to let you know that Hackley Community Care is going above and beyond to help Muskegon and the surrounding areas understand that like many other virus that come on rapidly and then change into a problem that won't go away, measures are in place that can help prevent the worst case scenario, and that should you choose...they are here to serve you with caring and compassionate doctors and staff for a vaccination if you are in need of one or a booster.  Boosters will become a regular procedure for many, like a flu shot or shingles....others may opt out and that's a decision they make. 

Hackley Community Care operates their main campus health care facility on Baker Street and their extension in the the area is amazing.  Their SCHOOL BASED HEALTHCARE PROGRAM reaches students in districts countywide and the services offered by Hackley Community Care are everything from a vaccination to dental care, mental health and more.  We are blessed to have such a group of dedicated people working so hard for the betterment of all of us.   

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