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Recently in Muskegon, we've seen an animal abuse/neglect case that's been pretty alarming.  The trail will be coming up, we'll wait and see how thing balance out with the courts, but...there's work underway to strengthen the way the law works to protect and benefit animals that are subject to cases like this and Jodi is joined by Velvet Lyght at Big Lake Humane to discuss what's being done. 


In the best interest of the animals in a case like this, time is essential.  It's what the pet has been through that's what's on the mind of the shelters and the fosters who are able to take these pets in while the investigation is going on that is the driving force, along with the facts that all of the procedures and process of the courts take time and can run the cost up quickly on those who are caring for the pets who've been the victims.  Places Like Big Lake Humane can step in and be the best advocates, let's be honest....they are the true professionals at work and they along with our other great animal rescues in town...they are amazing. 

To get some help from the legislature is the idea here and to get some laws on the books is the idea.  The PROTECT MI PET is seeking signatures to get on the ballot for 2024 to create a database of known pet abusers and to change laws from keeping pets for months, or years while those that are accused of abusing them await trial.  This seems like a pretty simple one to get on the ballot and a no brainer to get passed once opened up.  It's all about helping people and pets live their best lives together.  

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