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As we grow and memories of our years in school begin to be a little more distant, most of us have a chance to become part of another school through kids or grand kids.  Did I ever see myself as a Muskegon Heights Tiger?  No, you can bet your last nickel I did not.  But with some work we've done there for both the school and the community, I have to admit....I may have a Tiger Blood transfusion somewhere along the line.  From "First Day Fist Bumps" to "Tiger Pride - Continuing the Legacy" my heart has been won over by the kids and families from the neighborhood. 




A group has been formed. Community for Muskegon Heights Seniors to help the graduating class of 2023 in Muskegon Heights not only celebrate the accomplishment, but have some resources if needed as they go forward.  Community for Muskegon Heights Seniors is a group of people who want to lift up these young people and show them that a proud and thankful community is behind them.  Jon Covington and Patrese Watson are part of the group working to organize the events as well as the fundraising it takes to pull off a party for not only the kids in the school, but the community as a whole and there's a little deeper thought behind that community as well. 

Community after all isn't zip codes.  It isn't street signs or what colors are on your school jacket.  Community is all of us, and a community wide open house for the Tigers in 2023 is what you are being asked to participate in.  Come and see these kids for who they are.  See past all the guff on tv and social media about the operations of the school.  Hey, all kidding aside, we know it's a struggle for staff and admins and the community.  We also believe that it can get figured out and that when it does, the central anchor point of Muskegon Heights is that school.  Let's take a look at these young people graduating.  The made it through COVID and remote learning.  The made it through 12 years of school.  They made it through challenges big and small.  It's their time to be celebrated and recognized....and what better time to go learn a story and meet a neighbor?

A donation of yours will go to things like this party, graduation expenses for the kids, maybe some help with higher education and it will build and grow.  It will be a fund that carries on and continues to thrive while more kids pass through the halls of the Heights High School and on into the world.  You can learn more about the event and those planning it in our video above and you'll find the QR code to the Cash App donation below or you can stop into Community Choice Credit Union and ask to donate to the fund.  The United Way of the Lakeshore can help you out too if you designate you gift to CFMHS.

Our future is set by the choices these young people make by the 8th grade.  Let's show them they come from a community who cares and supports their drive into the great wide open once all the fun and pageantry of their last days of school are done.

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