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Pro Med of Muskegon has had a full week of recognition for their hardworking staff who are part of the front line of first responders we rely on in the event of an emergency.  They are usually the last people anyone wants to see, but...essential when you need them and if it's a matter of life or death...their capable hands are where you are found.  


One of the key reasons to celebrate the EMS staff at Pro Med....the workload they are carrying.  Calls for service are at an all time high as well as medical transport which they provide for Trinity Health and "busy" is a bit of an understatement.  It's a commitment to be a part of a life saving team and it's also a life given to benefit those in a crisis with the skills and passion you have to give.  This week, they have had some mini events to honor those who are putting in the work.  Wednesday afternoon, it was a staff BBQ competition out behind the main spot on Fork and Apple that got us invited to not only talk about Pro Med, but....they needed a judge for the competition, twist my arm already.  

Before the judging got underway, I grabbed April Bisson and Chad Crook and asked for a few minutes to learn how things are with Pro Med lately and found some really interesting things!  Pro Med, like many others in the medical world is looking to find quality help.  So much so they are recruiting and helping to fund the education needed to climb the world of medicine from EMT up to Paramedic and on.  It's an AMAZING opportunity for anyone interested in health care and with the grant funding in place to make it happen, the time to act is NOW if you are thinking that might be your calling.  Think of it as an apprenticeship where you can work and learn at the same time.  Chances like this don't come along very often.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There was an awful lot of fellowship going on in the parking lot and a lot of smells coming off the grills!  The dignitaries of Trinity Health were judging the contest as was Dr. Rolf himself, kinda famous for his BBQ Downtown Muskegon already and not to rub it in, but...some guy who types and talks all day was a judge too.  He may have eaten a rib or two over the years.  Mark Schmiedeknecht walked away with the bragging rights and the brass!  Everyone else walked away full and happy.  

We are so thankful to the hero's who run Pro Med and the incredible first responders we have here in Muskegon that cover all of our emergencies.  Please remember that these are the people put into unthinkable situations at a moments notice to help every one of us when we need them most.  Every day should be EMT day by our book.  Let's all remember that.

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