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It's winding down this last week of school for so many.  With that comes the entire summer of "What is there to do"?  Well, that request is usually paired with an "incentive" and to help you not only fill the gaps in "what to do" the Hackley Public Library is offering a program to engage and explore a world of reading over the summer where they will provide the rewards or "incentives".


Mallory Metzger is the Marketing and Program Coordinator at the Hackley Public Library and today, we met outside at their wonderfully blooming "Shakespeare's Garden" to talk about the importance of reading for kids out of school as well as adults who are spending the hot summer days maybe a little slowed down and relaxed enjoying the warm months of Michigan.  A resource like the Hackley Public Library is a limitless place to get books, movies, engaging events and special programs.  You can even get in on the offerings through their website and never really even need to visit, should because not only is the Hackley Public Library a living learning institute, it's a museum in and of itself for Muskegon history.

The Hackley Public Library Summer Reading Program however is all about now!  Read! Read! Read! As you accomplish benchmarks along the way, you'll get increasing prizes.  There are some for any age.  Of course, signing up to participate alone will get you a goody bag but the participation is where the rubber really hits the road.  As you accumulate levels, on your way to completion, you'll not only get the qualifying prizes...when you're completed, you'll get entered for the grand prizes which could be anything from a Duplo Block Building set to a Shark Vacuum.  Best part of the prizes...most of them donated by local business who want to help foster things like literacy and imagination in town.  Wow.  Imagine that, a community rallying around the library?  Not too shabby!   

The Hackley Public Library has an entire summer planned of events as well and Mallory was nice enough to touch on that in our chat today.  Make sure you get the details. 

Ready? Set?  READ!  The fun runs from June 12th-August 12th.  A list of the incentives and grand prizes can be found on the SUMMER READING PAGE and for all ages and all reading levels, the Hackley Public Library is ready to roll for the summer of 23!  Let's get reading!