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We're so proud to be a part of the Step it Up Muskegon program that gives a little financial assistance to area non profit organizations as well as share their message and reason for the work they do.  Shon Cook of Tabono Law had the idea originally and Scherdel Sales and Technology heard what was going on and came on board to help too.  To date, we've given over $25,000 back to those who work to make life better in Muskegon for those who need a hand, and this month, we're very fortunate to introduce you to Anthony Lambers.  He's got a scholarship fund called "Get up Out the Mud".



Anthony's story is amazing.  Like so many others, Anthony comes from a broken home and was forced to make some life choices early on that led to some pretty hard times, including prison.  It's an incredible story that you should really hear direct from Anthony.  The video this week is a touch longer, but it's verbal gold when it comes to life advice and the ability to look past what was and what could be, and see where the key players were that helped you turn it all around.  It's also a story about the fact that no matter how far you think you've sunk, all it takes is that single spark to ignite a completely different life and from there, it's a gift that has to be given away to be kept.  Anthony understands this like almost no one else I have ever spoken to, and to hear his perspective on bottoming out and what it took to start climbing a mountain's what movies should be made about.

With the "second chance" and the realization that it takes the investment in others to maintain and grow, Anthony began his non profit "Get Up Out the Mud".  There are scholarships for kids at 2 area schools to help them out with this endeavor and he philanthropic endeavors don't stop there.  He's a bloody knuckle organizer of food drives, meaning he'll just pile it up from where ever and get it to the places that need it without a lot of fanfare.  He's also a mentor to a lot of younger people who might be taking the first few steps down the road he did that led to a life that almost didn't get that turn around.

Shon Cook and I got to hear the story first and Cynthia Langlios from Scherdel had a last minute meeting pop up and she was unable to join us, but....we sent $1000 bucks to help some kids move in the right direction with someone who's lived it.  We couldn't be more thankful for those like Anthony who help anyone "Get Up Out the Mud".

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