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How would you like a job that gets you in to the best events all over Muskegon and West Michigan and pays you to be part of them?  Stan and Bridget Larson are the owners of First Defense Security and asked if we could help get the word out about their new company and if they could advertise that they were looking for a little help.  We met up to talk about what the job was, how people can get in contact and what kind of experience is necessary.  It was an interesting meeting for me too, as I spent a minute or two in the "security" world as a much younger person as a bouncer.  A lot has changed.   


The job of a security guard today has changed a lot. Especially if you are working in a place where there are people involved and things going on. Chances are, you'll be the first point of contact to many at the event with an ID check or ticket taking role and to be that first greeter to a patron sets the tone for the entire experience.  It's more of taking on an ambassador or customer service role and to be friendly, helpful and approachable is the key to a great experience even if you are called upon to help resolve a minor situation.  If you are the type who prefers the solitude of an overnight watchman job or maybe the role of working a security gate off the beaten path, there are opportunities there too.  If you think that this is the kind of thing you've seen in the movies, it's not.  Any situation today that's out of the league of a discussion is generally escalated to the police to let them handle the situation.  The "Roadhouse" days are pretty much a thing of the past.

With First Defense Security planting a flag like they have, it's an opportunity to stop and think about the reason for their business opening.  It's the growth of our community and the level of events and people coming to participate.  Here's a thought too.  Company culture.  Knowing Stan like I have for the better part of 20 years, you'll find a professional and easy going approach that will be a welcoming working environment.  Yes, it's work...and should you be looking for primary or maybe a second gig that can help you fill in a gap or two, give a thought to a job that will pay you to be part of the fun.  A job that will also give you a chance to meet new people and be at the best events all over town.

To apply.  VISIT FIRST DEFENSE SECURITY ON FACEBOOK and send them a message.