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It's a week for Muskegon to take the spotlight in a worldwide tradition that awards young women for their intelligence, grace, education, talent and beauty.  Miss Michigan is in town all this week as candidates from all over the state will compete in the best of comradery to take over the role from Melissa Beyrand who was crowned last year about this time and went on to represent our state with dignity and grace in the Miss America Pageant.  Melissa's message is the importance of STEAM in education and keeping the arts in schools.


It's a place, honestly I never imagined myself being as a broadcaster. Among the candidates of any "Pageant".  It's a term that's kind of outdated, after all the scholarship program is what this is really all about to help remarkable young women attain even more remarkability and give them the option to have a much bigger platform for what they see as our future concerns to face.  Back to that idea of me never seeing myself among them....well, it's like this.  When I was first exposed to this organization, I thought "models".  I was sadly mistaken.  After spending time with two reigning Miss America's and a few years of spending more than a little time with the bright and beautiful young women competing for the Miss Michigan title, I found myself sitting among very deep thinkers.  Keen observers of life and things that impact their world.  There is drive and talent, purpose and passion and most have degrees that are so far past my ability to even pronounce them....I am intimidated.  The days of the "prettiest pretty" are a thing of yesteryear and todays Miss Michigan Candidate is a future leader enjoying the climb to the top.

As their events unfold this week, they will be treated to a few spoils that Muskegon has to offer.  Beginning today with a welcome luncheon at The Deck on the beach.  There will be a cruise onboard the Aquastar for the participants and of course there will be the competition.  It's a few days of questions and answers.  It's a lot of practice and prep for the live show and Pay Per View stream that was added a couple years ago...and has turned out to be an additional revenue stream for the organization.  Then by this weekend, it's showtime.  If you'd like to be there in person at the Frauenthal on the 17th, CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.  If you'd like to enjoy it from the comfort of your home, CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE PAY PER VIEW.  Remember, tickets to see this either way support the scholarship fund for these incredible young women.  It's a great way to help them continue to have the event here in Muskegon.

In our clip today, you'll hear from current Miss Michigan Melissa Beyrand about her year in the role as well as 2 of this years candidates.  Miss Wayne County Taylor James who's Social Impact Initiative is - Confronting Environmental Inequity: Climate Justice is Social Justice, and Miss Spirit of the State Maya Schuhknecht who's out spreading the word about Art for All with her amazing speed painting skills.  There is some excitement that gets a little loud at times,'s an exciting week for our guests! 

It's a big week for all of us to welcome the dignitaries from this event here in person or to see this production online.  Please, support this effort and applaud these remarkable ambassadors for our state as they enjoy all that is Muskegon!  We're proud to not only help let you know they are here, but.....we're also the production crew behind the Pay Per, tune on in!