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We're getting one back.  For those who carry on and on about what Muskegon has lost, the return of one of the summer's biggest spectacles is happening again in 2023 and while a little different than what we knew, the familiarity and addition of some things that we didn't have in years gone by, well...they are less than a month away and this is an active request for some volunteer help in the event. 



The amazement and wonder we all shared for flying as a's still alive and well in the youth of today and as we've gotten a little older, some of us have gotten to the point where airplanes are an every day occurrence.  Wings Over Muskegon is an opportunity for young and old to enjoy the incredible history of flight in more ways than ever before at the Muskegon County Airport.  In years past, to see the planes up close and see them over perform in the sky was incredible as we welcomed 10's of thousands in to join us.  This year, all of that is back and there's multiple opportunities to get in one of these historic aircraft and go for a ride yourself!  Imagine a ride in a C-47 or a Huey Helicopter?  It's a reality with the Yankee Air Museum behind the show.  There will be people in from all over the Midwest.  There will be ample opportunity for food and drink as well as chances to meet the pilots and enjoy the surroundings of a rebirth of a great festival.  It's something we've all longed for the return of, and it's ours to reassure it comes back year, after year, after year.

A hand is needed.  We'll make no more bones about it.  The festival is looking for some help on the grounds and in return for your volunteerism, you've got a pretty good foot in the door on the ground level.  You'll get a shirt, you'll get fed, you'll get the chance to see the show up close and personal as you help pitch in...or maybe take a "break" when something really awesome is going on.  You'll get a chance to be in and around the crowd and help put Muskegon in the best light possible by showing our guests how we circle the wagons here and do more with less than any other community in the state.  It's time to roll up the sleeves and get to it.

Nick Predko is the coordinator of the volunteers for the event.   Nick comes from a LONG line of people who've given a lot to help Muskegon get events moving and keep them going.  Simple tasks like grounds clean up, helping break down the festival after it's over and things like that are needed.  Groups are encouraged to help if they are available.  Got a Scout pack looking for hours or students needing time to show community service?  What better way than this?  If it is a youthful group, please bring leaders or advisors with you.  If you are interested, CLICK HERE to go to the event's contact page and look for Nick toward the bottom.  If you have already contacted him, he did mention some difficulty with some replies...might want to check your in boxes on your email to make sure you're not mission one.   

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