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Sure, ok...we're a little wistful for the days of yesteryear from time to time and we too like to think that our work helps lead to the preservation of some of the history of Muskegon and highlights those who are doing it.  We've got an incredible team of people being led by a young man named Brock Johnson that are working to bring the SS Milwaukee Clipper back to it's original glory.  While this ornate treasure that was built in 1904 her hull is still watertight today and the care being put into the ship continues. 


Working off private donations and fundraisers has become the order of business on the historic ship.  While it is a National Historic Landmark, it's berthed at a "temporary location".  A permanent address is needed to become eligible for some of the grants that can really help in the restoration of a stately endeavor like the Clipper.  We've talked a lot about this in the past, and the work continues in Muskegon to try and find that perfect spot.  This time, we're talking more about activity and enjoyment and how you can be a part of the work while it's going on!

The Milwaukee Clipper 4th of July Party is coming soon!  It will be catered by one of Muskegon's favorites!  G&L hotdogs will be serving up the food.  There will be a ship wide party atmosphere, movies playing in the theater, dancing and more and it's all included for a $10 ticket!  You can get tickets at the door.  Imagine the 4th of July Fireworks on the deck of the historic ship?  Imagine the memories kids will have from the one time their parents took them on a ship to see the 4th?  It's one of many opportunities you'll have to enjoy an event on the ship all summer, and of course, there are times you can tour this ship.  Tours are Thursday-Sunday from 1-5 and your $10 donation for adults or $5 for kids goes to help the Milwaukee Clipper Preservation INC.

When the pieces all fall into place, this can be an offering that not many other cities in the USA can have.  With our abundant water and the growth of the Muskegon area BOOMING, to incorporate this historic ship into our future is only a matter of time and place.  Think of the majesty of a themed wedding on board?  How about it's state rooms for visitors in town?  Imagine is what we do best and to know that imagination is being put in to action by Brock and his team is truly the grit that Muskegon is made of.  If you'd like to see the MILWAUKEE CLIPPER WEBSITE, CLICK HEREFOLLOW THE MILWAUKEE CLIPPER ON FACEBOOK HERE

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