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Having been part of an entire Habitat for Humanity home build in the past, seeing the work that they do first hand is truly amazing and the outcome of their work is life changing.  To help build quality, affordable housing for people who would otherwise never be able to attain home ownership outside of a circumstance that continues a negative equity situation or continued blighted existence is the goal of the organization and for those who work in the program, there's so much more to it that "here's a free house".  There's a ton or work that goes into those working with Habitat for Humanity to help them not repeat the cycle of poverty and move into a better life situation.  One of the ways that helps fund these great programs is the Habitat for Humanity Restore.


Some unfortunate circumstances in the past set the Habitat for Humanity Restore locations back a little. There was a name change and rebranding. The great news is that through the work of those who won't give up, Habitat for Humanity of the Tri Cities has extended their reach into Muskegon County and with a call from Jared Olsen who's on the board of Habitat as well as the Roosevelt Park City Manager we got together at the new location on Airline Road, right in the middle of Bush Concrete, with Vonni Leaver who is the Development Manager for Habitat for Humanity of the Tri Cities.

At the Restore, you'll find everything you need for your home.  If it's anything from screws to nails, to plumbing fixtures and furniture, chances are, it's been donated to a Habitat Restore.  In the new location on Airline, you'll find lighting, HVAC parts, nails, screws, hardware, toilets, doors and more.  You'll also find a selection of tools that have been donated which is how the shelves are filled at every Restore.  Overruns in construction projects, scratch and dent items, things that have been replaced but still have a great amount of use to them... everything you need to build a house will be found at some point in a Habitat Restore.  Our Grand Opening in Muskegon  doesn't exactly have all of it there....yet......but give it a couple weeks.

They are having a ribbon cutting on June 23rd and open for business with an open house June 24th, but....while we're right down to the wire on telling you about the festivities on the opening, the long term is what matters.  Every dime spent in the Restore....goes to help someone with the dream of homeownership one day.  That's a dream that changes lives and communities.....for more than one way to look at that phrase.  If you would like to know more, or maybe you're feeling the energy created by the return of Habitat for Humanity....VISIT HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF THE TRI CITIES ONLINE and learn about what they take for donations or how you can volunteer to help.

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