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It's a story that will go on for a while, and honestly has been around a while already too!  In 1994 hundreds of people in West Michigan saw "something" in the sky and it resulted in a night that those who saw, or tracked what was being seen will not soon forget.  It's also a story that has put our little neck of the woods on the map more than once and been told from more than one angle.  Well, on July 12th, the biggest key participant in the entire thing will be presenting his story at the Norton Shores Branch of the Muskegon Area District Library.  There is still room to reserve yourself a space to hear directly from Jack Bushong who's role with The National Weather Service put him front and center.


Jack is "one of us". He's from Muskegon and it took a little work to contact him to see about a speaking engagement when he returns home for a seasonal visit from time to time and then and again.  Sarah Rinesma Sybenga wasn't about to let a little hurdle like tracing a great speaker down get in her way however, so she used her vast connections and found a friend of a friend and invited Jack to come share his story with us.  Jack has been seen on more than one show for those who are crazy about UAP (unexplained areal phenomenon).  Most recently, it was "Unsolved Mysteries" on Netflix. 

As it unfolded, the lights were seen in the sky in March of 1994 and the reports began.  As they continued, the National Weather Service (Jack) was asked to check the radar and see what he could find.  At first things were pretty low key, but it escalated quickly as the craft on his screen began moving in ways that current propulsion couldn't explain, and they were going to elevations that were inexplicable as well in a rapid fashion.  To this day, there has been no explanation given.  Jack remained silent on the matter until post retirement.  

We go back as far with this story as having one of our own as a witness.  Dave Kaechele appeared in the original UFO Hunters episode with Bill Byrne in 2008.  We then spoke with local Attorney Mike Walsh who covered the story for the paper back then and when the Unsolved Mysteries episode ran, we saw about 6000 more come to see Mike's story which was a few years old by the time the new story ran.  There's a LOT of interest in what happened still and to hear the key figure in it all speak in person is a one time shot.  

There are about 50 seats left for this event at the Norton Shores Brand of the Muskegon Area District Library.  RESERVE YOUR SEAT HERE.  It's a free program but limited to seating.  If you have not been to the Norton Branch of the MADL lately, you'll love what Holly Pelkey and her staff have done with it.  Holly joins Sarah and I from the new Teen Room to talk about this great event coming up!  We'll see you at the MADL!  

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