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What began as a way to help out a little in the pandemic has become a staple for our site, and our community in Step it Up Muskegon.  It's hard to believe that with the help of amazing supporters like Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology, we've given over $25,000 to local nonprofit organizations.  From the smallest grass roots organizations to some of the most well known, the ability to return something is a benchmark we believe in and a core value of our work.  In June, it's Goodwill of West Michigan and this organization is literally setting a national pace for their work.  


Necessity is the mother of invention and Nick Carlson of Goodwill West Michigan is here to not only talk about Goodwill, but the amazing things that are happening!  We all know Goodwill for the retail and donation sites.  Great clothes, low prices and a really good place to repurpose things that you no longer want to keep.  Well, that's not all they really do.  There are multiple divisions of Goodwill from industrial services to temp workers and janitorial services.  They offer employment opportunities and employer assistance and they spotlight the people who work there in ways that help build character, pride and longevity. 

The really exciting stuff is that Goodwill West Michigan saw and opportunity in what was going to waste in their process of collecting things to be turned around and sold, and they struck while the iron was hot.  It was a spark that got them the attention of the national organization.  Recycling plastics is a huge and growing arm of the Goodwill West Michigan path forward.  Not only recycling, but making products and creating jobs.  $20 plus an hour jobs.  Think about things like busted up laundry baskets that people bring in donations with?  How about household plastics so far out of date your aunt Gladys would even throw them out?  Goodwill West Michigan is recycling and making new products that Nick shares with Cynthia Langlois, Shon Cook and myself in this months chat.

It's a big deal to see this much attention on West Michigan and the leadership that's happening with Goodwill.  We're proud to help a little with $1000 bucks toward the cause and we'll be sure to keep you updated as the process continues to build and grow in Muskegon!   



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