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Let's say that you're involved in legal proceedings and things are not meeting your expectations.  Maybe it's a lack of communication.  Maybe it's a loss of trust between you and the attorney you're working with.  It could be any number of reasons.  If you need to change things, it's your call, however, it's best to know the point of view from the attorney's side too and that is what Shon is here to explain this week.  What are reasonable expectations and what are red flags that should tell you it's time to look for a second opinion? 


Communication and understanding is the key.  It is in almost any situation.  However, from a personal perspective, if I am hiring an attorney, which is a rather large amount of money in my world, I am not 100% sure what to expect when it comes to customer service.  Are long delays in communication understandable?  Is it common to have delays?  In the conversation this week, I kind of bring it back to the simpler idea that if you are waiting for something, like say a car repair or a great order that you made online, it's going to be a little more anticipation on your end than you may have imagined.

From the legal side, they do have more than one client, which is important to keep in mind so it might not be as "on demand" as our lives often dictate now a days, but there are expectations that any client should be reasonably assured of.  Communication from the attorney or their staff.  Availability to answer questions and concerns is important, but you may not hear in 5 minutes.  There is also the idea that attorney's operate in a pretty strict world of self policing and adherence to a code of ethics that can go all the way to costing them their ability to work if they violate those ethics.  If you begin to doubt your relationship with an attorney, it's perfectly ok to ask for a second opinion and there are options too along the path that things can pause and Shon does an amazing job in explaining the nuance to all of that.

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