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A lighthouse can represent a lot of things to those who look at one.  Some see the end of a journey of unknowns and high peril/adventure while others see somewhat of a ghost of days gone by and the lore of history that still has some purpose, but isn't overly applicable in today's world.  In Michigan, there are 129 of these amazing places, and it stands to reason as we're centered perfectly in the Great Lakes and the only state to touch all 5.  In Muskegon, along Pere Marquette, our light houses stand resolute to our history and heritage, and today their beauty attracts many from all over to just take a look.  Monday, August 7th is a day to honor those incredible structures and Kimberly Lange invited us down to talk about the events planned.



The easy way, is to say that we take for granted that the lighthouses are here.  The reality is that in the day to day of life, we're all so busy that we just don't stop and think about some of what we have here, all of the time.  We're used to things like lighthouses, beaches, historic ships and other aquatic themed amenities.  Others, not so much.  They have to travel a great deal to see and experience what surrounds us and it's kind of a big deal to know that as we grow and our light becomes brighter, those who take care of our historic treasures are not only so proud of what they do, they are eager to share the experience with others and continue to tell the importance and historical significance of a lighthouse.

Kimberly Lang is one of those people.  She loves everything about lighthouses and backs it up by volunteering to help out.  She also asked to put out the call to others to pitch in by being a VOLUENTEER.  If you've got a little time between now and the end of summer, might want to get in touch with her.  The day to day of her in the gift shop or taking people on the tour will be a little busier on Monday August 7th.  It's a day proclaimed by President Reagan to observe the treasured lighthouses all over the USA and in Muskegon, you'll find plenty to enjoy for one and all.  

Kids will get to climb to the top free that day and enjoy balloon art and face painting.  There will be drawings for prized from local artisans and vendors.  There will be chances for one and all to show off their artistic talents with sidewalk chalk and a special lighthouse story time theme for kids from the Hackley Library.  It all gets underway at 1p down at Pere Marquette so, as the summer winds down and the "budget" for all things fun all summer is continuing to dry up....take a look at your chance to do something educational for both you and the kiddos.  Support our landmark lighthouses and celebrate something pretty unique to very few places.....and something we're very fortunate to call our own.....taken care of by remarkable people like Kimberly and the rest of the crew at the Muskegon Lighthouse.  

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