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It's been a couple weeks since Shon Cook has had time to meet on up with us.  Between Andy and his trip to the Mayo Clinic and Shon living a life dream on the Appalachian Trail.....playing a little hooky over the summer can't hurt, right?  Back in business this week however and we're kind of matching up the real world with our discussion this week.  Shon took a quick break from her work to come and share with us the ideas behind witness testimony and what all has to go into that before the actual court date arrives.  It also factors in what happens in court!  


I think a good rule of thumb here might be to fall back on what some learn early on. Speak when spoken to when you are on a witness stand and answer only what's asked.  Shon explains how an attorney works almost as a conductor during a litigation process.  How and when questions are asked.  How and when witnesses are called and in what order to have the most impact to work toward the resolution of the case.  It's a carefully weaved way of presenting the facts on behalf of the clients for both attorneys and while there are ways to jog a thought or two, the most prep is done in advance and when it comes down to show time, it's up to the witness to be able to take some direction from the conductor to make the most impact.  There are some factors that will come in to play.  The other side's attorney.  Nerves.  A judge.  It's a highly specialized area, and to be ready to work in this environment and to understand ahead....that's why Shon visits weekly.  

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