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It’s short notice for sure, but we’ve worked under tighter circumstances and gotten a fairly good response so we’re swinging for the fences and hope you can join us at the brand new community choice credit union location Thursday for the back to school back pack give away!  This backpack giveaway is open to anyone and you don't need to be a member of the credit union to get one for your kids, but the kids do need to be present.


Monica Lee is the Community Engagement Coordinator with Community Choice Credit Union whose work is to “Give Big” to assist the communities they serve and the causes that are important to them. In Muskegon you’ve seen them in action before with school supplies for teachers, scholarships awarded to students, sponsorships of the events that raise money for organizations that benefit human needs as well as projects that add to the quality of life for all of us.

We’ve worked with community choice cu for a few years and to see the level of commitment they put in in ways, sometimes with a splash like 400 backpacks filled with the starter essentials for school and sometimes in ways that might go un noticed. Their growth in West Michigan is the goal and to foster that by partnering with the people and causes that matter so much is the reason we really love our partnership with Community Choice Credit Union

We are also fortunate enough to be able to rely on their expertise to help bring you sound financial advice as well as opportunities to take advantage of programs they offer to help make your money work more toward your advantage.

We’ll look forward to seeing you Thursday from 5p-7p at the soon to be opened Community Choice Credit Union on Harvey street in front of Culver’s. .