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We're in the middle of golf outing fund raiser season.  It's a great way to get people a day off to help a great cause with some funding they need and a chance for those participating in it to win some prizes, enjoy some great food and the company of friends and family.  The Salvation Army of Muskegon however is putting a unique spin on the classic golf outing by making it one the entire family can enjoy at a pretty amazing local mini golf course, Putters Creek, on the Causeway.  It's a day of fun for everyone with a focus on "Doing the Most Good".



We're also honored to take today's story and introduce you to Major Lynneta Poff.  She's new to Muskegon and transferred in from Nebraska where she served as the Major for the Salvation Army there.  In her time in Nebraska, and a very rural setting, she's bringing the knowledge and experience of the understanding of poverty.  It's not a problem exclusive to urban areas, in fact....rural poverty is equally problematic as there are those who live outside city limits that are food insecure, unable to make utility bill payments or rent.  There was a time when some of our parents would say that "one day, there will be two groups of people, the have's and the have not's."  It's eerily close to being that day as we watch the unfolding of the effects of poverty in city's and in rural settings. 

The work the Salvation Army does focuses on feeding those in need.  Helping those who are in cyclical poverty to find a way out of it to break that generational burden.  They also offer outreach to kids, work with disaster survivors, those addicted and of course, some would never know the joy of the holidays without the Salvation Army.  It begins with the ringing of a bell outside your favorite local retailers and your pocket change to make a world of difference.  There are also plenty of sponsorship opportunities if you care to participate that way, CLICK HERE and scroll down.  

The Mini Golf for Good Mini Golf for Good event will be at Putters Creek on September 16th.  Catered by our very own LaKisha Harris from Soul Filled Catering you'll find fun activities on every hole.  Unique and fun ways to golf, think along the lines of moonlight bowling for the inspiration there, raffles, prizes, a winners ceremony at the end and it kicks off at 10a with an airhorn start because generally, shot guns are frowned upon at mini golf courses.  

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