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Trinity Health is a great sponsor of our work and we are thankful for their support.  We are also fortunate enough to be able to be invited from time to time to sit down and speak one on one with the leadership of our largest local healthcare system, and employer,  both on camera and off, to learn what's going on at Trinity Health and how we can best share their message with Muskegon.  Muskegon is unique that media here more often than not comes from out of town and is often captured in quick soundbites.  We're introducing a three part series with Cheryl Goodell today to help Trinity explain directly to you that there's a very large need for nurses.  RN's, LPN's and EMT's are the most urgently needed, but there are a lot of openings for other areas too. 


We spoke first with Cheryl about a year ago.  She is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Trinity Health along the Lakeshore.  Back then, Cheryl talked in great detail about the need for nurses and other medically related jobs that Trinity is not only actively looking for, they are willing to help those who come and apply seek higher levels of education while they work at Trinity.  On September 15th from 1p-4p you are invited to the Trinity Health Muskegon Hospital to explore the career options and meet first hand with those who are looking to fill positions that desperately need to be filled to get our hospital up to operating at full capacity.

The health care system,  both locally and nationally is still tying to recover from the pandemic.  Even before the pandemic hit, there were signs of problems on the horizon as the pipeline of health care workers in training, it was too low.  The onset of the pandemic brought a world of unforeseen issues like retirements, people just leaving the field, nurses who made the choice to become contracted travelers and more.  We all remember how we stood night after night wishing to honor our healthcare workers the best as hero's.  If we could have only seen a couple more years down the road.  The hero's need a hand now and to re-establish the pool of those coming into the field Trinity is offering some amazing incentives to people as young as high school aged.  This is a career path that can begin before you even graduate and move you through life right here at home, or as you move along...benefit you no matter where you are.  It's also an amazing role to assume on your part in the over all protection of one of the foundations of any 

Over the next couple of days, we're going to be speaking to more of the leadership of Trinity Health in Muskegon and you're going to hear directly the cause and effect of all we've been through.  You are also going to be invited repeatedly to be a part of this hiring event September 15th at the Trinity Health Muskegon Hospital.  If you are sitting there saying there are "no jobs", you're mistaken.  If it's opportunity you are waiting for, here it is.  If you would like open discussion from those in charge of Trinity Health...they are here today and for the next couple of days, unscripted and with straight talk about what is needed to get our hospital up and working at full speed.  

Tomorrow, we'll hear from Linda Dunmore who is the Chief Nursing Officer of Trinity Health here in town about a career in nursing and the rewards it provides.  If you are interested in more, CLICK HERE or on the image below.

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