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Yesterday, we began our series with Trinity Health about their upcoming in person Career Event on September 15th at the Trinity Health Hospital in Muskegon with Cheryl Goodell, Chief Human Resources Officer. Today, we've got a visit with Linda Dunmore, Chief Nursing Officer, who's going to talk about her career in nursing and how it's evolved at Trinity Health.  


Linda has been with Trinity since 1989 with only one short amount of time elsewhere since.  Not only is she a great spokesperson for the nursing field, she's an amazing spokesperson for the organization beginning as a Staff Nurse back in 1989 and through 9 career advancements within the organization, she's now in her role supporting nurses and patients implementing new treatment plans, integrating new medical technologies, helping to on board new people to the organization and more.  It's a big undertaking for our area as Trinity Health is Muskegon Counties largest employer and while the turn over rate in the pandemic went up all across the nation, including here, it's levelling off and it's time to solidify the local staff to accommodate the needs of the hospital for staffing to get all floor fully operational. 

Make no mistake, Trinity Health Muskegon was privy to the same issues faced by many other medical systems during the pandemic.  Retirements, people deciding to leave the field all together, some nurses who opted to be a "travelling nurse" to forego some of the benefits for a higher wage.  While pros like Linda were focusing on the lack of young people in the pipeline to get an education to work in the healthcare field, along came a pandemic and wiped out even the best laid plans everywhere.  We feel it so much more here, because it's so close to home, but the reality of the medical field is that it's going to be a while nationwide until we have enough RN's, LPN's and EMT's.

Of those jobs, begin with one and advance to another.  Up the responsibilities and the pay scale as you navigate life and work in your field while it's happening.  Practical knowledge and real life experience supported by an employer willing to invest in your with tuition reimbursement, training opportunities on the job and advancement through the hospital just like Linda did.  All of this while you are helping your community in one of the fundamental essentials of any community, healthcare, and banking marketable experience you can take with you anywhere. 

Working with a great sponsor like Trinity Health like we do, we're very fortunate to have a relationship with the top tier of leadership at the organization and to be able to hear the needs that they face and the ways they are going about filling them.  We can cut through the garble on social media and get past the 3 second clips you see on the news and show you the actual friends and neighbors that make up our healthcare.  They are just that.  Our community's healthcare is only as good as the people working in it, and there are far too many out there who take every chance to cut them down, only knowing half the story they heard from a friend of a friend...we can all do better there.

If you are thinking healthcare…you NEED to be at the Trinity Health Hospital in Muskegon on September 15th from 1p-4p. On the spot interviews for RN’s, LPN’s and EMT-B’s. Bring a digital resume. Be sharp and ready to discuss your potential and willingness to learn and grow. There’s nothing or no one to stand in your way. Be at the Career Event with Trinity Health. There's nothing or no one to stand in your way.  Be at the Career Event with Trinity Health. 

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