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This week, we've been working closely with our sponsor Trinity Health to help them help us.  One of the biggest issues the hospital in Muskegon faces is the staffing.  Before the mess that was the pandemic hit, hospitals here in the area and all over the nation were preparing for a shortage of nurses to help run their facilities.  Enter COVID, and all of the plans that were made to try and fill an already forecast problem were lost almost in an instant.  The entire medical world was turned upside down by retirements, people deciding on other areas to work in and some saw the opportunity to be a travelling nurse for a better wage minus the benefit package.  As the President of Trinity Health Muskegon Gary Allore explains today, it was the perfect storm to cause upheaval in an industry that depends on smooth operations.  It's more than time to get back to the way things "used to be" implementing what we have now with those who can run it.



Gary is a great leader and might be a little camera shy.  I consider him a friend, and it's taken a while to get him to come on to discuss the necessity to better staff the hospital.  The Career Event coming up on September 15th was the perfect opportunity to get him to do just that and to see that talking like we do, there is room to speak, to be heard and to get above the clutter caused by so many other places to find information.  For the head of an entire hospital to try and explain the nuance of his challenges in a 30 second clip is nearly impossible, so for Gary's faith in us, we say thank you.

Imagine you are the head of it all.  One day, it all seems to be going well, the next, it's all closed.  Not only do you have to deal with a worldwide pandemic but in the medical business, it's only the first of the ripple effects.  Those eligible to retire, packed up and went.  Those who came from a family with two sets of benefits, they could grab a gig that paid $20 bucks more an hour without even trying.  Some, saw the shattering effects of a pandemic and just went to work elsewhere and some stayed.  Those who did stay...we saluted them as hero's one and all.  Until it was time to start complaining again and all of the compassion and understanding we shared for our "Frontline Hero's' vanished.  We're better than that.

Back to the staffing issue.  Even before it hit, the education system for medical care didn't have enough students in it to supply the area's or nations needs.  Of our area, Trinity Health is leading by example when it comes to rebuilding their local staff and providing careers that can continue a lifetime right here in Muskegon with support for furthering education as well as advancement within the organization.  There are even programs to user high school students into the medical field and support their college education while they are working and avoiding college debt.  Finding out about those opportunities is simple and easy and if you are an RN, LPN or EMT, there's really a push to meet you.  

You'll find a QR code at the bottom to RSVP to the Career Event.  It's from 1p-4p on Sept 15th and they are poised to even hire on the spot if the right candidate comes along.  If you are thinking healthcare…you NEED to be at the Trinity Health Hospital in Muskegon on September 15th from 1p-4p. On the spot interviews for RN’s, LPN’s and EMT-B’s. Bring a digital resume. Be sharp and ready to discuss your potential and willingness to learn and grow. There’s nothing or no one to stand in your way. Be at the Career Event with Trinity Health. Not only are you setting the pace for a richly rewarding career in healthcare, but you are stepping forward as someone who cares enough about one of the foundational parts of any community, healthcare to make it better day after day, and year after year.  


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