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Meeting Andrea Copeland is a moment that's going to leave you impressed by drive, passion, wisdom and endless work ethic to make her dreams come true and bring along as many as she can for the ride.  She invited us down today to learn a little more about the Lakeshore Flavor Project she's managing, and to hear her speak on the subject of making food work for Muskegon, brace yourself.  


Lakeshore Flavor describes themselves as-  "A non-profit organization based in Muskegon dedicated to reducing disparities for Black, Brown, Women-Owned, and Low-Income growers, farmers, and food businesses in Muskegon County's food systems.  Mission: To create a vibrant and inclusive food system by eliminating disparities through education, investment, and synergy among food entrepreneurs."  We're not talking to a restaurant consultant here.  Andrea is opening a world of much needed support and education for those who might otherwise have a big plan, that's going to eventually be the talk of the town, but some guidance is needed along the way, because let's face it, Muskegon isn't exactly flush with the opportunities to learn everything about the food business from farm to table.  Add in things like learning how to properly market food, how to properly network, utilize shared kitchen space and become an innovator as they grow.

Right now, the immediate need is for Andrea and her team to find out what's needed most in Muskegon and all stakeholders are welcome.  Are you in the Farm and Food Business?  Be there.  Are you a member of the Non Profit sector?  You're needed.  An area resident?  Door is open.  All who register to attend and do come, will receive a $50 gift card for their valuable time in participating in the data gathering in one of 10 opportunities that are going to happen over the next few weeks.  Wednesday and Friday the 27th and 29th of September are the first two listening sessions at Los Amigos on Sherman and they will be facilitated in Spanish.  The final 8 are county wide and can be found by CLICKING HERE for the Lakeshore Flavor Facebook Event Page. 

This might be a "new" idea here, but this is a model that works in areas all over the country and for us to build knowledge and long lasting economic stability using the help of those who have pioneered this model elsewhere, it's a very heavy turn of the throttle for all of us and this is an opportunity not to be taken lightly.  Find your way into one of the listening sessions and give the Lakeshore Flavor Project the data they need to amplify their efforts for so many who can go on to amazing things for themselves and all of us.  REGISTRATION FOR LISTENING SESSIONS HERE.

We all see Muskegon growing and we all have a pretty good idea that in 10 years from now, it's going to be a completely different ballgame.  Lakeshore Flavor is here to help out ahead of the tide and build sustainable ways for those in the food industry to succeed.  We have every plan to stick right by Andrea's side.  She's just warming up.  Find LAKESHORE FLAVOR OLINE  FIND LAKESHORE FLAVOR ON FACEBOOK

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