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The separation and eventual divorce isn't the happily ever after anyone ever has in mind.  When the kids come along too, it's a little more complicated as if a parting of ways is required, the idea of splitting everything up, including time and expenses of the kids is in the hands of those who handle this thing all the time.  You could take the mediation route, that's a good way to come to an agreement that both parties can be most "agreeable" with.  If by chance it's in a litigation that the decisions are made, the court is going to go after what's best for the child, and Shon Cook from Tabono Law explains how that process is set up. 



There are specific guidelines that the State of Michigan requires.  In fact, so much so that there's a 36 page book that details almost every imaginable scenario when it comes to deciding how child support is going to be determined.  The most recent edition of this Child Support Formula Manual was put out in 2021 and it's comprehensive. CLICK HERE if you'd like to take a look for yourself.  This is also precisely why the assistance of qualified attorneys is needed and precisely why Shon comes along weekly to help bring the language down to plain English to help everyone easily understand.

This is part one.  Next week, we're going to be talking about the payment calculator that the state has and how it works as a guide with a multitude of factors as well to determine what's ordered by the court for the best care of the kids.

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