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Shon Cook is the Senior Attorney at Tabono Law and joins us on a weekly basis to help people understand the in's and out's of the legal world.  It's a highly specialized field in any number of disciplines and Family Law is the primary focus of Tabono Law.  This week, it's part two of a discussion about child support and we're focusing on how the amount is calculated.  It's a difficult process that leaves many surprised.



At one time, the way that child support was calculated was a little simpler of a task.  There were multiple ways private attorneys could input data to a couple of sources and get a good result.  The State of Michigan however changed the mandate to use a calculator that they have published online. THE STATE OF MICHIGAN CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR is open to anyone, but it's a highly complex endeavor and quite often, those who do try to self manage this put in the best effort, but when they meet with an attorney find some different results.  It's a frustrating endeavor for the lawyers too.  Knowing in advance that having a hand right up front is really solid advice when it comes to figuring out what will end up being the cost of support and what all the factors are that contribute to the final total.

If you are in need of help from an incredible team of legal professionals, Tabono Law is the only call you need to make.  231-894-0909CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY.  Always able to VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE as well. 


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