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We love working with Community Choice Credit Union! With 24 member centers located throughout Michigan and several in West Michigan and the Muskegon area, Community Choice has demonstrated a commitment to Giving Big back to the communities it serves. From back-to-school backpacks to college, trade school and continuing education scholarships for students, Community Choice Credit Union is making a difference.

Now to help celebrate International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 19, Community Choice is also giving away free food and refreshments. Take a listen here and see what's in store!


Simply put, Community Choice is offering free meals from multiple local vendors from 5-7 pm at all of its Michigan locations! For example, you’ll have access to meals from Dakkid Bar-B-Que at Community Choice’s new Harvey Street member center in Muskegon, Sanders Mobile Shop at the Muskegon Western member center and Big Tucks Food Truck at the Norton Shores member center on Ellis.

You don’t even have to be a member. Just drop by any of those member centers, receive a token and head out to the meal truck to celebrate 75 years of all the advantages credit unions offer their members. Community Choice recognizes small businesses are essential to the health of our community and is happy to support not just the local food trucks providing meals on ICU Day but other locally owned businesses as well. As we all know, small business support is essential, and this credit union does it right!

Add this to other incredible events that Community Choice hosts during the course of the year, and it is clear that the credit union’s commitment to serving the community is strong.

We met with three of the local member center managers, Ethan Lohman, Courtney Porrett and Kevin Kohlhoff. Kevin is new to the Community Choice team and offers an interesting viewpoint on his "onboarding" at Community Choice. He is the manager at the Ellis location.

Courtney is the member center manager at Community Choice’s brand-new location on Harvey Street. Ethan is the manager for the Downtown Muskegon member center on Western. While the food trucks on October 19 are a companywide celebration, each member center manager has other BIG plans to share for 2023 and beyond.

So, plan to stop by any of these three member centers on Thursday, October 19 from 5-7 pm. You'll find the food trucks at the Ellis member center by the Muskegon County Airport, along Harvey at its new Harvey Street member center and at the Western Avenue member center by the Muskegon Fire Department! On this International Credit Union Day, enjoy a great meal, experience first-hand Community Choice Credit Union’s commitment to Giving Big, and learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.