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Shon Cook of Tabono Law has been incredibly informative over the last two weeks about child support in the State of Michigan and the process it takes to decide and calculate what's required and the financial "bottom line" as to what the amount paid will be.  In our final conversation on the topic this week, Shon's going to discuss the reality of what happens when a party doesn't pay or pays under circumstances other than what was agreed upon in the decision made by the court. 



Child support is the money that's to take care of your kid.  If there are circumstances that are beyond your control, or, you end up not paying for some reason, you become in "arrears".  If you find yourself in that position, you are suspect to some rather undesirable circumstances up to and including wage garnishments, liens on property, bench warrants, retirement savings taken and more.  If you read the part about bench warrants, that's where if you get pulled over, the cop invites you back to his car and your world turns upside down, on the spot.  It's no place to be.

Now, while the courts really try to avoid putting debtors in overcrowded jails, it can really go that far.  If you are making an effort to pay in strenuous circumstances, communicate that with the Friend of the Court to let them know that you're not trying to avoid responsibility for this and follow the prescribed procedures.  If however you are adamant about not paying on the principle that you disagree with the idea, you'll probably need one of Shon's colleagues in the criminal law specialty of practice.  Please remember that supporting your kids isn't a battle between x's.  It's about the future of your child. 

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