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We are beyond excited to share the news!  It's a success on a level that most had written off years ago as something that Muskegon just couldn't do anymore.  The belief, the drive and the determination of those who believe a little more however, brought back an air show to Muskegon in 2023 and the event was a staggering success.  So much so, that in 2024 not only is it coming back, it's going to be a little bigger and if you jump on board early, the tickets will cost very little for you to be at one of the most incredible events you'll ever see.....anywhere.


The Wings Over Muskegon Air Show captivates minds of all ages.  The simple display of the ability to fly....even as advanced as being a human has become is still a jaw dropping talent.  To see those who have mastered the craft perform at the highest levels is not only a feast for the imagination, it's a dream into "what if".  Combine that with the incredible amount of living history that the Yankee Air Museum brings to Muskegon from their home at Willow Run over by Detroit, which gives you a generational look at some of the aircraft over the years that parents, grandparents and even great grandparents flew in and it's easy to see the instant opportunity for family history discussions, and yes even some chances at saying "I once flew in one of these".  The best part of the Yankee Air Museum being a part of this event is the opportunity they provide for people to actually experience a ride in that history.  From flying in a "Huey" to the chance to ride in a B-17 these are monuments to American freedom and seen world wide as emblems of democracy.

Along with the airshow, comes the visual amazement of the static aircraft that will be on display.  The vendors with food and remarkably unique collectables.  Entertainment happening in times that the sky is not filled and opportunities for our biggest companies to welcome in their clients for a day of entertainment and thanks in one of the chalets that will once again line the runway.  There is literally not a bad seat in the house for the estimated crowd of 25,000 per day and with that attendance target, the memories of parking issues have become almost a memory.  Not to say you might not have to spend a few minutes getting in, it's a small neighborhood, but it's so worth the wait.

Ken Efting is the Director of the Muskegon County Airport and was kind enough to invite us out for the announcement!  With the addition of a Friday night twilight show and Saturday and Sunday to follow, the mindful growth and purposeful planning after the inaugural return year has gears turning in both Muskegon and Willow Run for what's going to be come August of 2024 and we talk about what went right to assure that the show comes back as well as how tickets are going to be sold for next year.  Just like before, it's "progressive ticket procing".  That means the sooner you buy, the lower the cost for any number of experiences.  The tickets will be going on sale December 12th at the WINGS OVER MUSKEGON WEBSITE.  They are also happy to announce, at the early purchase date, there's no increase in cost from 2023.  AMAZING!  

Can't wait to see you back out on the runway next summer!  Our thanks to the Yankee Air Museum and the Muskegon County Airport!  Fly high in 2024 at Wings over Muskegon!

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