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It's an extremely valuable visit with Attorney Shon Cook of Tabono Law this week.  With the understanding that a highly qualified attorney being a hefty cost, some lawyers are offering "limited appearance" that might come with a set fee and a feeling of less worry about the amount that you'll spend in any kind of case, from family law to criminal appearances, but Shon does a deep dive into the pro's and cons of this kind of service.  Learn more here.



An attorney retained on a "limited appearance" schedule can keep costs down.  However, There are a lot of questions that should pop up along with the idea of using an attorney in such a matter.  Think of what you are heading in to court for?  How much work is a limited schedule lawyer going to put in in advance of your case?  Are they going to just show up one day and argue some points, collect the check and run?  What about the idea of what happens in one hearing and how it may effect future hearings in a family law or criminal setting?  The legal world is a complicated and active world and to know that you're spending money and how it should be spent wisely is the key factor here.

Shon doesn't offer limited appearances herself.  She's much more articulate when it comes to the process she needs to follow.  Witness, setting up evidence and briefs to being into the discussion and courtroom.  It's highly important that all aspects of a case are managed properly in her opinion and that the best outcome for her clients is achieved.  This isn't to say a limited appearance by an attorney can't be an acceptable process, but it's also kind of a buyer beware message this week with respect to making sure all bases are covered from the beginning, and you are not left stranded by a one time "hired gun".

Please get a hold of Tabono Law at 231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly or, CLICK HERE to find Tabono Law online. 

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