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It was only day two of seeing patients in the expansive and thorough new home of Trinity Health Neurosciences in Muskegon.  To walk into the Trinity Health Pavilion on Sherman adjacent to the hospital, the first thing you notice is that the building itself has gone under an almost total renovation.  Even the entryway and soaring atrium above let you know that sincere steps have been put in place for the patient and that Neurosciences are becoming one of the more prevalent disciplines in medicine.  There's a reason and Dr's Patrick Pavowski and Anita Bell share why.



Neuroscience deals with the structure and function of the nervous system and the brain. As time continues on, there's been a lot learned about how this part of the anatomy can effect the overall wellbeing of people with conditions ranging from injury to diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.  There are three key parts of the Neuroscience practice.  Developmental which deals with how the brain grows and changes.  Cognitive which controls language, memory, and problem solving and Molecular, which dives deep into the genes and proteins that are at the base of all life.  It's pretty advanced to say the very least.

With the complexity of the practice there was a need in Muskegon to consolidate the physicians and staff into a new facility so that the true power of the minds can be brought together to work toward solutions to help assure that the best care is provided.  In the past, patients were seen in the Hackley Professional Building and it was a pretty cramped space.  With this move to the Trinity Health Pavilion, there's an entire floor dedicated to the complete treatment of neurological issues from all points.  The most amazing part of this as well is collaboration.  The entire neuroscience team is now together to share insights, thoughts and forward paths for those who need their care.  Talk about getting an engine firing on all cylinders.  Trinity Health has done it with this move.

A referral is needed from your primary care doctor to be seen at the Trinity Health Neurosciences Facility.  It's a step necessary to make sure you're heading to the right spot, but once in, it's a complete center from diagnosis to physical therapy or occupational therapy if needed and the state of the art equipment is there for diagnostics as well as rehabilitation.  It truly is a marvel to have in Muskegon to provide for the expanding needs we face in neurological disorders.  Our thanks to both Dr. Pavowski and Dr. Bell for taking a few minutes to share the great news.   


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