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How do you view a library?  A building full of books or an active and alive center for learning, technology, education and gathering?  In today's world, it's truly the latter with all that a library like the Hackley Public Library offers by way of experiential learning, engaging programming, high end technology for those who use and limitless access to media that goes so far beyond books.  The Hackley Public Library and The Torrent house are the past, present and future of Muskegon and they are asking for a hand with a community needs assessment.



The push is to find out how the next steps should be taken in the evolution of the Hackley Public Library and the Torrent House.  They are asking for your thoughts on what needs to be done over the next months and years to bring what this community wants in a library to life as well as to develop a direction for the way they will invest in future technology and programming.  Joe Zappacosta and Mallory Metzger discuss THE COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESMENT in the video today.

With that, what does the Hackley Public Library nee?  More access to technology?  How about a VR room?  Could it be more programming brought in to instruct and entertain?  It might even be an idea that no one else has really voiced that is needed and when an idea as small as a grain of sand gets rolling down a hill, they grow quickly.  Be heard.  Let them know what you think a library outta have and why.  There will be 2 sessions at the Hackley Public Library.   December 4th and December 19th, both at 6:30p.  Some light refreshments will be served as well as some door prizes, but it's really not the point.  The point is collaborative community engagement where ideas can flourish and great things can come of what's already great. 

To register to be part of one, of both of the Community "Town Hall" type meetings, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  You can be part of a much longer term plan for improvement and growth at the living source of our history in Muskegon, the Hackley Public Library.