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When you're 9 the world is still kind of limitless.  In the eyes of Khiren Guy his future between KG News and his desire to be a veterinarian are still floating about in his head, but it was the KG News that grabbed our attention.  (Gotta keep an eye on those future competitors ye know).  But in his latest report, Khiren was talking about how he spent the time leading up to the holidays collecting presents for kids at the hospital through his church and his friends and that, competition aside, is as noble an effort as any, so we asked if he'd give us an interview and he agreed.  So did his mom and grandparents. 



Khiren's idea of doing something for someone else sprouted early, but deep inside, we all know the satisfaction of the feeling that comes with doing the right thing.  It doesn't have to be a big grand show and it doesn't need to be seen by the world.  An act of kindness is simply something to take a moment of someone's day and make it better.   Relieve some of the stress that weighs on them and to let them know, even if in secret, that the world is not always a harsh place.  When we see a 9 year old with this kind of love in his heart reminding us of how fundamental helping one another is, it's a pretty big reminder for all of us to stop, take a breath and realize that the world around us is one thing, our role in it is completely up to us.

Khiren dreams one day of being a veterinarian.  He wants to help animals large and small.  He'd make an excellent one as you'll see....he's thoughtful, articulate and purposeful in both his thoughts and words and from the efforts he's put in to the holiday toy drive for the kids, he's pretty good at setting and meeting goals.  To strengthen and nurture this kind of thing in all of our young people is essential and while Khiren sitting next to the big oaf in the video you see today might look a little smaller, inside, there's a giant and a person who will one day be a leader in our community.  You'll look back some day and say, "Andy was right" on that one.  I promise. 

Follow the example of Khiren.  Follow it whenever you're given the chance and keep in mind that even the smallest gestures of kindness and giving, can change the entire world for someone who's in need.  That after all is the Christmas Spirit and the Christmas Spirit seems to remind us year after year, from messengers both large and small, that being our best versions of ourselves includes the care of others.  Khiren is already laying building blocks of community.  We thank him for his time in the interview.