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As we slide into a New Year, it's a great chance for us to remember some important stuff like being thankful for the support of the sponsors that keep us working.  When you find one that matches the approach to working in a community like we do, it's nothing but icing on the cake.  Community Choice Credit Union spent 2023 "GIVING BIG" in all the areas the serve.  In Muskegon, we saw free turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Movies at Christmas.  Food Trucks on International Credit Union Day and so much more.  The big shiny penny however was the opening of the new Member Center on Harvey Street.  We there today with Courtney Porette to talk about some of the new features and services you can enjoy. 


With the new member center comes new technology as well as the new open air feel that you'll notice immediately.  The kiosks you'll meet a representative at are much more like a stop in a huge shopping center rather than approaching a window in a bank like we're used to.  It's a truly unique feeling.  Need a little more time to discuss a loan or some of the incredible offerings that Community Choice has for members like Choice Map, mortgages or auto loans or maybe it's some financial literacy we could all do a little better with.  There are plenty of modern and comfortable spaces to discuss in private too.  The "ATM" will become the "ITM" as well!  Have a video visit with a member center rep, get your banking done and much like you've known, it's all handled by the automated teller inside the box at the control of the rep.  This is an incredible way to make that drive thru experience more personal and quicker!

Another thing Courtney addresses is that Community Choice Credit Union is a cannabis friendly financial institution.  From the Community Choice website - "Community Choice is proud to serve more than 420 cannabis-related businesses. As one of the first financial institutions in Michigan to offer services to the cannabis industry, we’ve had the time and experience to build a full-service team and create a sophisticated suite of cash handling and compliance services."  It comes down to federal banking regulations at this point with cannabis being illegal federally.  Community Choice leads the way for those working in the industry that need financial security.

We're so thankful to be able to share the story and growth of Community Choice Credit Union in West Michigan.  Stop in and see Courtney or any of the other member centers around West Michigan and you'll see too, what a difference it makes to be part of a member driven financial institution like Community Choice Credit Union.