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We are excited to be back in 2024 with Tabono Law and Founder and Senior Legal Counsel Shon Cook. Shon is not only an amazing Family Law Attorney, she’s got the ability to make some of the most difficult things in the legal world much more accessible for those who don’t understand all the jargon and “legal speak”. It’s been an awesome partnership and the advice given is un-paralleled in Muskegon.


This week, the topic is jurisdiction. How does jurisdiction apply to family law? Well, this one was news to us too! Did you know that there’s a minimum that you have to reside in Michigan to be able to file for a divorce? There might be a restriction by county as well to prevent the idea of those who are looking for things in their favor in a divorce.

Say the Michigan laws tend to be a little easier than some other state. This could be in any number of areas from how the courts decide in the favor of male of female. Maybe it’s a decision on division of assets and the laws that come from other states or counties? Could it be child support? It can be any number of reasons.

Jurisdiction sets an amount of time required to be a resident of a state or municipality to be able to have the courts work by the laws set forth on both levels. This is to prevent the idea of transient people looking to use courts in almost a convenience setting depending on where they think they can get the best outcome. Some might register their car in a state because the license and insurance is cheaper. It might be something you can pull off with the DMV, but the courts are going to slow it down for you.

If you need the help of an incredible legal team, make Tabono Law your first call. 231-894-0909. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of course you can always visit TABONO LAW ONLINE.

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