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We're all too often caught up in the day to day noise we are forced to hear.  Combine that with the stress life brings already and the constant drive....we need to remember the importance of stopping once in a while to hear from one of the people we're striving to make the world a better place for.  After all, that is the goal correct?  To build upon what we know to leave a better world for generations that follow?  Be it the childhood we knew, or the glory days of our parents who most likely harken back to the 50's and 60's for their youth, kids today are exposed to a lot more information, they develop thoughts and are willing to take action around them.  Kieda Shineldecker happened to be working with her mom when we met up, so we spent a few minutes with her.


Kieda is a student of the West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics.  She's proudly a "WMAAA Llama", as you'll hear.  Kieda gives us a little background about her school and subjects of interest including math, where she begins to unfold the power held in her mind, and it's clearly past mine when it comes to numbers and things. After my schooling in basic math, we shift a little and move along to what's inside Kieda's mind a little and not only is she focusing on the future for herself and future generations, she's learning early on how to begin to take some action and where to learn how to make that action a little more "amplified".

Learning about climate issues in school, and the fact that we're facing some pretty tough decisions about our effect on global warming, Kieda takes a pretty broad view of the urgency of this matter.  The comprehension of a pre-teen about emissions, green house gasses and the levels of damage happening is pretty amazing.  Add in too that she's keeping a very close eye on how organizations work that help to organize and find movements to help raise awareness and mitigate the problems as well.  If you sit on the side that our climate issues are man made or part of the processes of the planet, either way...things are changing and our younger people know it.

While she's not quite able to begin her own 501c3 just yet, she is able to begin to try to raise a little money to help other organizations.  Those first steps....imagine taking them at 9?  Well, I guess at 9 I was pretty heavy in to playing KISS records....but this kid seems to have a little more "sensible gravity" to her.  Anyway, she's ready to begin.  Kieda has her own YouTube Channel you can watch, and upon quick glance, you're going to see that she's 100% in the right place with arts and academics in school. 

While getting ready to help raise a few bucks for other charitable organizations, she's also learning from others in and around Muskegon how non profits work so as she learns and grows, it will be a seamless transition into her role as one of our future leaders and one we hope takes all of that leadership and wisdom and continues to let her roots dig deep right here in Muskegon.  To me, the opportunity to speak with a child like this, it's like looking into a crystal ball for the future....and I hope you'll agree, Kieda makes that future look pretty bright. 

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