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If you have not been in tune to the latest new publishing that has expanded our coverage of Muskegon and the area you may have missed Muskegon, Better!  Muskegon, Better is a way to handle a couple of things at the same time.  One, we are hoping to bring in all new faces to help tell the story.  I don't mind doing the work, but seeing Andy O in every video is even too much for me. 

I do have the skills to help guide others to bring out the content they wish to share and the topics they wish to talk about, so...let's do that.  Second, what's improving us?  We see buildings, we see street projects, we see larger crowds coming for things.  That's good.  What's behind all that?  Where are the steps being taken and what are some of the smaller things that add to the betterment here, that might get missed.  One final thought too....we have another outstanding avenue for our advertisers and sponsors all of which have not been approached for an extra penny!  We've built the value with intent as we've grown. 

With that!  We welcome Renee Waird!  Renee will be one of the featured contributors on Muskegon, Better with "The Happiness Project".  Inspired by seeing this in other communities and the book of the same title,  Renee at first suggested I try it, but I replied with "Hey, I have a different idea......"  Renee doesn't seem like she backs away from many challenges.  Meet Renee! 


We all search for happy.  Some find it in the peace of a quiet morning with a sunrise.  Others find their happy while they are with friends and family.  Happy to some could be Electric Forest and others, dozing off on the couch watching TV with their spouse night after night after night.  What works works!  Others, they seek happy.  It's not always an easy fit.  Some attempts fail, some lead people down paths that they can't quite pull out of.  Find it or not, the search for happy is as old as humanity, and Renee is a practitioner of spreading happy where she goes.  So exploring some options of what makes happy happen is her goal.

Be it physical, emotional or spiritual happiness Renee is going to chase after the sources.  Could it be meditation?  Might it be acupuncture?  How about that release of endorphins from running or exercise?  There's an entire world of options out there to be explored and with about a half a dozen to start and some connections in place already to sit down and show ya what the hub-bub is about any kind of practice that's out there....that's how Renee plans to expand some joy around here.

It's a bold step to jump in front of a camera and say "I can do that".  We're so excited to welcome Renee and see what she brings to Muskegon, Better.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks and how about a favor?  CLICK HERE TO VISIT MUSKEGONBETTER.COM.  Share it with some friends and FOLLOW MUSKEGON BETTER ON FACEBOOK

It's with our heartfelt thanks that we share with all of our staff, audience and sponsors our gratitude for the ability to grow to providing 5 online and on demand platforms focused on Muskegon.  We are humbly grateful and promise our commitment to continue to be an asset to this community.


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