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One of the things we pride ourselves in the most is being able to meet the needs of Muskegon by using what we have.  It might be a fundraiser, or it might be a food truck to help those without, but there's not really a reason to go without in Muskegon because there are few communities that can strive harder for necessity.  What if that mentality was formed to begin to fil the void in the medical care pipeline that's been left with about a 4 year national gap post the pandemic?  It's happening in Muskegon for the first time.  Dr. Jerry Evans is here to share the story. 


Let's stop for a second on the idea of "Growing Our Own". There's a lot of gravity to that.  Realistically, this is the deep understanding that the reality is the medical field both here in Muskegon and across the United States need to build the "Minor League System" just like you'd see in baseball.  Understanding that these careers take time, dedication, interest and inspiration is the key.  Trinity Health in Muskegon tried to get this program up and running a couple of years ago, but there just happened to be a pandemic, and that put them even further behind on what was being built, but with a little more time comes a chance to hone the ideas and get some more involvement.  That's where the "Growing Our Own" idea really began to dig in.

With the help of the Muskegon Career Tech Center, The Muskegon ISD and Michigan Works, an encompassing look at what it takes to assemble a line to gather interest and educate people in the medical can stretch all the way back to elementary school.  As life and education progress, so too does the opportunity.  A hospital is filled with multiple opportunities for any kind of career.  Sure, the light goes off thinking Dr. or nurse, but what about the hundreds of positions that are needed to support them?  How about the operations of the kitchen?  Maintenance?  Electricians, computer techs, environmental that can be attained right out of high school and then, as you grow and see opportunity, you can rely on the assistance of Trinity to help you advance in your career.  Thus, growing our own goes back to almost the earliest of learners in some situations.

With a commitment like that too, the investment in the community is second to none.  Paid training to community members, a sincere push to get the hospital staff to look like our friends and neighbors we see where we live and opportunities provided to people who might have otherwise never once even thought to apply to work in a health care system.  Where can you start and what can you do?  Your future and the future of our community's health's a matter of all of us to make up the team who works to take care of any one of us.  CLICK HERE to see what's currently available at Trinity Health


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