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The Muskegon County Airport.  If you have ever flown out of it, you know that it's simply a marvel when it comes to travel.  In a "major airport" life can be a nightmare.  If you've ever been in New York, Chicago or LA and had a flight cancelled on know the level of misery I am talking about.  Now, Muskegon gets cancellations too, they are a frustrating reality of today's travel, but to be in an environment like Muskegon compared to a major hub is a major cushion to the blow.



The Muskegon County Airport sees it's share of curves in the road trying to compete in the world of todays travel.  The Muskegon County Airport however is not ready to give in on the idea of staying as it is and they are actively working on improving in a number of ways and id doing so, they have brought on Mark Lynn as the Deputy Administrator to assist in the work that's to come, and it's beginning now. 

Mark is tied into the airport as a pilot himself and an active member of the community.  His first order of business for the airport is to secure a partner to bring back to life the restaurant that is waiting for the right team to come in and re-establish the service and the opportunity to get's pretty amazing with an eager facility looking to establish a long term and mutually beneficial partnership.  Maybe it's a local favorite, maybe it's a food truck operator that's looking to establish a place that can begin to build more brick and mortar outlets from....maybe it's a model that's new to all of us and we're about to innovate something in Muskegon?  There's an endless list of possibilities. 

The question might be, "But there are not that many flights?"  Well, that's where the creativity kicks in.  There is an entire industrial park around the airport.  There is all of Norton Shores, Spring Lake and Grand Haven, not to mention the rest of Muskegon County.  How about this?  The "$200 Hamburger".  Yes, those who fly enjoy picking a destination to take their small private planes to and enjoy a fine dining experience or a great local eatery that's got a comfortable feeling and they can meet up with other flying friends.  From providing breakfast to dinner, the right culinary creative mind has a gold mine sitting waiting for them.

The airport too is getting ready for a rebirth.  The renovations and improvements to the look and amenities are coming next.  While it looks a little like a 90's mall now, the plan is for a freshly designed and sleek new airport that will hold the intimate and easy feel along with the updates and ease of use for commuting travelers.  There are also some things happening at the airport that are remarkable innovations with business and industry and when the ink finally dries on all that's happening there, we'll be sure to update you.  

5 years was close to forgotten.  Sure, a couple flights in and out a day, but over all...tough.  Now, it's clear that Muskegon is just not ready to let go of the airport and with the rapid growth we are seeing and determined people like Mark Lynn and Director Ken Efting things are looking like they are turning around.  The Wings Over Muskegon Airshow is also another great reason to see some hope again in all that is our airport.  If you can help them with a short survey, please take a moment to fill this out and offer your thoughts.  CLICK HERE FOR THE COUNTY'S AIRPORT SURVEY.

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