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Need help with medical debt? Join us for an informative session where we look at how to deal with medical debt, options for care, community resource partners, understanding your rights in billing and empowering your knowledge.


The Medical Debt Solutions Forum, hosted by Medical Debt Solution Allies, a coalition of non-profit organizations, community leaders & individuals, and business professionals. This forum aims to provide valuable information and resources to individuals facing medical debt challenges, offer solutions for affordable care, while also advocating for patients' rights within the healthcare system.

Medical Debt Solution Allies was born out of the Livability Lab 3.0 initiative and built upon in the 4.0 version. The coalition is committed to ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their financial circumstances. Recognizing the pressing need to address medical debt issues in the community, Medical Debt Solution Allies focuses on curating a platform that offers support, educational resources, and advocacy for fair treatment by healthcare providers.

The forum features speakers from Livability Lab, RIP Debt, Access Health and Trinity Health. A panel discussion titled "My Story, personal stories of Medical Debt; as well as interviews with representatives from Hackley Community Care, Miss For Area People, Volunteer for dental, Muskegon Co. Dept. of Veteran Affairs and United Way of the Lakeshore.