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Last year, we were excited to help welcome in a new and unique fundraiser for a couple of organizations in town.  Ivy Rehab wanted to do a karaoke event to help the non profit Renew Mobility in their work in providing refreshed equipment to people who need a hand with getting around but the staggering cost and in some cases, insurance limitations keep them from being able to get what's needed.  It's a place that most can't imagine as mobility issues are not the most common medical situations, however, for those that do have them, their entire life revolves around having the necessary equipment to even get around their own home. 



Let's stop and think back over the last couple of weeks of what we've published.  We brought you a live stream about MEDICAL DEBT and how it's crushing people directly here in Muskegon and who's here to help get it sorted out.  We met with NIKKI KARY a week ago and talked about "ableism" and saw her mobility device as well as her "Accent" communications pad in action.  The communications device starts at $7500 bucks or thereabouts for Nikki.  The mobility device is anywhere from a few thousand to over $20k.   Let's tack on a mobility ready van too.  $75K.   Now, imagine that to only avoid a world of isolation and immobility.  Now, ask yourself about medical debt and the realities of it.  This is what some families face and decisions have to be made over things like food, rent, clothing or car repairs.  Renew Mobility helps by taking used mobility devices in, fixing up what needs to be taken care of and then in working with companies like Ivy Rehab, who have the ability to help from the beginning of the process to access and recommend the needed equipment for anyone through their work and help fill that gap.  It's a lifechanging opportunity for some who might otherwise go without, or have to utilize a piece of equipment that they have outgrown or is past the point of repair.  

How do we raise funds in Muskegon?  We do it the old fashioned way.  We make it fun.  Last year was the kick off of the karaoke fundraiser, and yes, I thought it was a bit of a leap of an idea but, hey....I am open to being wrong and they proved it.  They paced the place and had the greatest time ever.  People paid to sing their favorite tune.  People paid to get out of singing their favorite tune.  People paid to make others sing their favorite tune and back and forth it went until they ran out of time.  This year...a bigger location, a longer event and hopefully more people enjoying the atmosphere and purpose.  Have you ever wanted to force someone to sing "The Pina Colada Song"?  Here's life throwing opportunity your way.  

March 23rd is the date and Unruly Brewing Company is the location.  It gets underway at 12n and goes till 6.  You can meet people from Ivy Rehab as well as Renew Mobility and learn more about their work.  The Unruly Kitchen will be jammin' all day and of course, the craft brews will add to the fun with the tastes and fees of Downtown Muskegon.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EVENT.

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