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Hearing the words "You'll have to visit a therapist for a while after this procedure", it's never what we'd like to hear right?  However, as tough as we all like to make it look like we are, we humans are pretty fragile creatures and sometimes we need a tune up, and other times, we run right out and break stuff on our own.  Fragile creatures don't always have the best ideas and America's Funniest Video's has been capitalizing on that for a while.  However, all that life throws at us isn't exactly "funny" and when it comes time to get back on your feet post op, or after a "moment", Trinity Health Sports Performance and Rehab is there. 


Jaclyn Kane is the Director of Rehabilitation and Marcus Schillaci is the Manager of Sports Performance and Rehab for Trinity Health in Muskegon.  We met up at the Trinity Health Arena location where they not only assist with the Muskegon Lumberjacks, Muskegon Risers, The Muskegon Lakehawks and The Muskegon Ironmen, they also see just regular people who need to bounce back from any number of injuries through their science based approach to making sure that the body is carefully and properly engaged in getting back to 100%.  The major teams in town along with a good many of our high school athletic programs rely on Trinity Health for their game day trainers but it goes well past that too.  

Jaclyn explains that an Athletic Trainer is so much more than someone to tape up an ankle in a game.  They also have to dive into sports science, mental health in the idea that athletes need reassurance in the moment as well as when they are rebuilding after an injury and they need to understand that the road to recovery might take longer than expected, but they have the assistance that will go the distance.  Another fascinating aspect is that through sports medicine and training, they can begin with kids as young as kindergarten to begin to teach them the basics of fitness and proper movement.  How to skip, how to properly lift, at what age should simple ability begin to turn to fine tuning a serious athlete?  It's all handled by Trinity Health Sports Performance and Rehabilitation.  

If you have a kid ready to take a crack at a professional career in sports or if you've had to have a surgery that requires some renewed lessons on mobility or if you fell off that ladder trying to get a frisbee off the roof and need a hand getting back in motion, Trinity Health Sports Performance and Rehab is all over the Lakeshore.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CLOSEST LOCATIONS TO MUSKEGON.  

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