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We're thankful that Tabono Law is here with Shon Cook regularly to talk about the legal world and some of the harder things to understand in it.  This week, Shon is sharing not only the thoughts on something that might occur in a legal situation, she's share it with some emotion because of a loss of a friend and colleague in the Family Law legal arena Rick Reider.  The Muskegon legal community mourns the loss of one of their brightest and most dedicated members and strong advocate for his clients. 


With the loss of Mr. Reider, considerations have to be made about transitioning to a new legal council for those he represented.  This can happen as well in other scenarios when a client has a difficult relationship with their attorney.  There are a number of factors that can come in to play with the idea of a "difficult relationship" from the idea of what's seen as lack of service to the improper handling of things in a case, maybe it's personalities that just won't match or it's just that the "fit" isn't right.  It's on the customer to decide the representation that suits them best, but it's also important to understand a few key factors that go into changing teams in the "middle of the game".

The first is the amplified cost.  To begin all over again, it's not going to be cheap.  The new legal team needs to learn everything all over again.  There will also be delays in the hearings as well as additional anticipation among all parties awaiting the outcome.  It can be a necessary endeavor, but please know in advance, that it's potentially a much longer and harder process that's being entered into.  Some things to take into consideration are the idea that legal proceedings take attorney isn't an "instant gratification" experience when it comes to the layers that sometimes go into what it takes in family law matters.  There's also the idea of trying to separate your emotions from the work and procedure that is necessary to accomplish the goal.  An attorney can have all the work done, but there are others that the work needs to flow through toward the end goal.  It's all a lot of work offered by a fairly small pool of dedicated professionals in Muskegon, and they are all working for the best outcome for their clients. 

Tabono Law is the firm you need for anything when it comes to family law.  Their growing team of attorneys and staff have an incredibly well versed background in all things from divorce and custody to mediation, child abuse and neglect and domestic violence needing a PPO.  They are caring and dedicated professionals who's commitment to their clients is second to none and should you have the need for their services, there's only one call to make.  231-894-0909.  You can also CLICK HERE TO EMAIL SHON DIRECTLY.  You are invited to VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE as well. 

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