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With the relationship we have with Trinity Health Muskegon, we are very fortunate to be able to bring you up close and personal with the people who make the health system in Muskegon.  We work to focus on the friends and neighbors who are the hands on people in the care of us as well as those who make everything tick.  We've been able to meet people from the biggest brass to those who take care of nutrition and those whose hands heal.  It's really a special relationship we share.  This Saturday, March 30th is National Doctors Day, so we thought we'd ask for a few "rock star" doctors to visit with, and Karissa Tryska DO is the first up.  Let's meet someone who's there from the first breath! 


Dr. Tryska is a transplant. Funny how people make their way toward Muskegon thinking they might be here for a bit, then make a lifetime out of it.  Seems to be a pattern that's not exclusive to any line of work.  With her husband and 4 kids, life here for Dr. Tryska began as a resident and as her career blossomed, now, she's helping run the program for the new doctors coming in the the specialty and to have a mentor who brings the compassion and care for women's health as well as that moment she's been able to share over and over with so many families as that first breath is taken, and that initial cry is let out...she's found nothing but full buckets most days of her life.  That one second when live swoops over that room....what's felt by the parents, the staff and the newborn.  That's one remarkable moment it's a brand new opportunity and the world has forever changed with the new arrival.

The ability to strengthen and share the importance of the care of women is one of Dr. Tryska's greatest sources of pride.  Not only in the baby business, but with their needs reproductively and in the necessity of examination for breast cancer with monthly self exams and of course the yearly mammograms', or more often if needed due to a family history.  Helping share her experience and leadership skills both in the delivery room as well as the community is a resource that younger physicians rely on her for and her ability to exude the confidence when needed as well as the compassion required when necessary goes far beyond what you can learn from a book.  In this line of doctoring, you are sharing some of the most intimate moment's of peoples lives and it can require a delicate touch. 

Her community involvement is steeped in Muskegon favorites including Dancing With the Local Stars, Every Woman's Place and The Hope Project.  From there, plans are to take mission trips to Africa to help with some medicine there and to even involve her kids in the adventure!  Imagine that?  A little piece of Muskegon compassion all that distance away taking care of needs. Did we mention her kids are in travel sports too?  Ya. Starting to get the idea that there's no stopping this remarkable woman, who's helping other remarkable women?  We're thankful to Dr. Tryska for a few minutes today. 

Visit Dr. Tryska online by CLICKING HERE.

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