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It's been a terrific week getting to know a few of the doctors who take care of the community the way they do.  The demands that are put on the medical system have been immense over the last few years and a Pulmonary Doctor is without a doubt one of the most important roles we've seen the need for in recent memory.  With the tail end of a pandemic behind us, where breathing and the lungs were the target of the virus that attacked the world Dr. Scott Hagedorn with the Trinity Health Muskegon Medical Group can share some of what he experienced during the pandemic and how treating lung problems post in Muskegon give those fighting lung disease a much improved chance of survival.



To begin with, Dr. Hagedorn's military career was a key part of the fight in the pandemic.  We are so fortunate to have him here as his tenure with other Dr.'s in the military gave him pretty quick access to a database like no other when it came to pulmonary science and what was working best for those who had the worst of COVID-19.  From his time at the Walter Reed Hospital to his deployments in the Air Force Dr. Hagedorn developed relationships that will last a lifetime and being more of that kind of knowledge back here to Muskegon as it's needed.  Not all hero's wear capes, some are in long white coats.  A stand out military career is to be applauded and thanked....Dr. Hagedorn, we salute you.

On to the day to day work.  In Muskegon, treating lung issues is taken a big leap forward.  Lung cancer has been and is still a leading cause of cancer deaths.  This is symptomatic of because lung cancer often goes undetected until it's too late.  Enter the ION robotic assisted bronchoscopy for peripheral lung biopsy.  That's a lot of 75 cent words in a row, so let's make it a little easier.  "Think of Google Maps for the lungs" as Dr. Hagedorn puts it.  The ability of this machine can detect small suspicious spots and then be reached quickly, safely and with a minimally invasive approach to biopsy and remove the spot before it can grow to the point of lethal and improve the chances of survival by catching it in the early stages.  The really amazing part?  This is quite often done in a same day procedure and you are on your way home that night.

Dr. Hagedorn goes on to share a very intimate story of the loss of his aunt to lung cancer.  It's not the easiest to hear.  A Dr. who's got the technology now that could have saved a family member who was like a second mom to him.  He now works day in and day out to prevent this tragedy from happening to others and reminds us of some of the dangers that lead to higher threats of lung disease.  Having the Ion Robotic Assisted surgical option available in Muskegon is a great advance, mitigating most lung disease can be helped by things like stopping smoking and knowing your environment has clean and safe air to breathe.

Our thanks to the entire staff at Trinity Health Muskegon for giving us a chance to visit with some remarkable physicians who's work helps to keep us all healthy in so many ways.  We've talked to Dr.'s that are there from the first breath to Dr. Hagedorn today, who can keep those breaths coming for a much longer time if you are in need of his assistance.  The most important part of our week highlighting, the Dr.'s?  Letting you see that they are friends and neighbors, just like us.  They are mom's, little league coaches, veterans and connected to community in so many ways.  They have been here though the changes, they have stayed through the worst.  As Trinity Health Muskegon continues to work to refill their labor force through programs like "Growing Our Own" they will also be the people who help the next generation of medical care providers continue to grow.

If you think you might have the need to have your lungs checked, VISIT DR. HAGEDORN HERE.

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