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It's a stunning site to behold to say the very least.  Where once sat a cornerstone of the community and a place that held so many memories...both of life's most joy filled moments as well as sorrowful goodbyes, has risen a place where the future of the young people attending Muskegon Public Schools will be given the opportunity to become anyone they want to be.  It's a structure as much as it is a community screaming their support for those who are coming down the road behind us that they are the focus.  There's a larger message too.  The days of "what was" in Muskegon, they are being carefully curated, but we're shrugging off that idea that we're surrounded by communities "better than us", and we're stepping up to the forefront.  Welcome to Charles Hackley Middle School.



This began with the question of advertising the community open house for the school on May 2nd at 5:15p.  That's the red carpet being thrown out for you to come and see first hand what has been build for those who will make up the foundation of our community in 20 years or so.  We know from what we've all lived through that it's only the blink of an eye until that time comes.  Go see the school, have some punch, get some swag, share some memories.  When you are doing all the aforementioned, brace yourself.  Once you start walking the halls and see the stunning views, the incredible innovation and the new footprint in the neighborhood that this school has brought forth, there will be no argument whatsoever as to what this investment will mean for the children who go through it.  Once through here..a couple of blocks away, Muskegon High School.  What an incredible way to boost the value of a neighborhood.

Superintendent Matthew Cortez begins talking about this project as the construction crews are wrapping up and peeling tape off what's been painted.  To a Superintendent of schools, this is the epitome of opportunity to provide the best environment for learning to take place.  Also to have had a hand in the incredibly intelligent design and ways to improve things while cutting costs, would be a resume builder for anyone, but Matt has his roots firmly planted, and the hope is that the young people see too.  Learn, grow, stay and build the fiber of our community.  You are needed, and you are worth this.  thumbnail IMG 6944Superintendent Matt Cortez

Beginning with votes in the pandemic, the idea of asking for the ability build a new school was a nail biting experience.  The community was able to look past the times of uncertainty.  While kids were all home using free Wi-Fi and Chrome Books to attend classes virtually, the community chose to build the future and outside of one delay, work began.  It almost couldn't have begin where it is because the funding for the project didn't include the cost of removing the Hackley Hospital that stood there, but Trinity Health took care of that and the land was completely given to the Muskegon Public Schools system clean and ready to build on.  The hospital is not completely gone.  In front of the school, an obelisk stands 1875 bricks tall to commemorate our history and the Hackley name is on the building harkening back to those who's investments founded all we know today.

Innovation, security, convenience and functionality is what you'll find inside the school.  From some of the most incredible views out of the buildings to the highest tech learning opportunities and security that is on par with the highest of standards anywhere....we have got a modern marvel here.  Food lines for lunch are going to move like lightning.  Sporting events and accommodations have been integrated in useful and purposeful ways.  Security is so strong, parts of it are actually kind of "hush hush" and accessibility to parents or the Hackley Community Care location on campus are right through the front door, with no need to open doors further.  Add in a new curriculum that Matt is going to tell you about in the video and what you're looking at today is a message sent with pride, determination and confidence. 

Muskegon has made an amazing commitment to our future in this addition to our beloved home.  To those who approved the project through their votes, stand tall.  To those who gave the property, it was truly and honestly the most healing thing that could have happened by saying goodbye to the walls of Hackley Hospital.  To the workers who's skilled hands made this all possible we humbly thank you for your talents.  

To our children that will fill these halls.  Make no mistake.  You are the most important part of us all.  One day, you will see just how much has gone into this, as well as what has had to be sacrificed to make this happen.  This is our belief in you and all you will bring into this world.  We're surrounding you with pride and it's yours to take.

Oh...ya....back to the purpose of all this.  Don't miss the open house May 2nd at 5:15.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.  Visit BEABIGRED.COM

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