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Having been a part of it, I can tell you fist hand the value and the importance of a summer camp.  I was a camp counsellor for one summer in 1991 at a YMCA Camp, I learned more about myself and watched kids from all walks of life form friendships almost instantly and learn that they had more in common than than anything else.  They also had a chance to be a part of an incredibly positive learning experience that was not quite as rigid as school and where the day to day hierarchy among friends was tipped just enough that everyone was the cool kid and everyone got a chance to shine.  I treasured the memory so much, I kept it to the one summer, and closed the chapter on camp counselling.  Your kids have a chance to experience it too and McKenna Speed from the Muskegon YMCA is here to share.  


A life long "camper" herself, McKenna comes to us from Romeo MI and is applying her incredible education to the benefit of kids.  She's noticed quickly how cohesive Muskegon is in making sure needs are met and also is in love with the beaches and natural settings.  We always win when people get the real scoop on town.  Her mission is to continue her shared passion for the fun and adventure that taught her so much as a "young'in" where things in a natural setting were much more in her lane than what was popular and cool by the terms of the day.  Blending her education and experience to be the Day Camp Director for the Muskegon YMCA is surely to be an an amazing addition to the commitment made by the Y for all of us in the area.

The day camps will be held at McGraft park and they run weekly all summer with a one day visit to Camp Pendaluoan. They run June-August and operate Monday-Friday 9a-5p.  Registration is open to kids from entering kindergarten to 7th grade.  There are a variety of activities planned including arts and crafts, sports, STEM and more and lunch and snack are provided.  There is a nominal fee for the camp, however if financial assistance is needed, there are a number of amazing companies that are offering to help make this a reality for anyone, and you'll find a sliding scale of costs for those with limited income on the registration page to learn more about the programs.  No kid should have to go with out the experience of summer camp at least once in their life. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the YMCA Day Camps for kids and get your kid, or kids in early.  Allow them the experience and memories of a lifetime and the unique way of slipping in some summer learning, life long values and chances to build friendships without them even noticing.  Our thanks to McKenna for joining us for the chat. 

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