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I have to confess, I was out driving around quite a few months ago and as I was coming in to town on Apple Ave, off to the right, I was shocked to see a stunning new building standing there.  Not a car in the parking lot, just the brilliance of new construction, fresh pavement and newly planted landscaping surrounding the entire property.  I honestly felt kind of upset with myself for not knowing more.  I turned around and went back for another look and to see that it was a brand new immense VA Clinic immediately gave me a feeling of incredible satisfaction.  Having a father in law who's travels to Wyoming are getting more difficult for services and a community filled with those who served that truly are entitled to top tier care....I breathed a sigh of relief, and started making calls to get the first look inside.



I began emailing and it was Zachary Hodge on the other end.  I thought for sure he was making a long distance run from Lansing to come and help shoo off the place, but nope.  Norton Shores.  He's an OV grad and a 4th generation Navy man.  Imagine the pride inside this guy as he opens the back door on this building right in the back yard of the neighborhood he grew up in?  In one of the emails, I even asked if Zack would like to invite some of "The Brass" for the interview and walk through and he said "It's just me".  That's awesome in and of it self as he's the clinic manager and deserves the credit....he spent the day after out meet up physically moving the first round of necessities from Porter Road to Apple Ave.  Working man just like the rest of us. 

In through the back there are a couple of staggered door ways to get to the front, but when you do, what a site to behold.  Expansive and welcoming entryways.  Places for replacement photo ID's on the spot.  A really nice coffee bar and directional signs for ease of navigation and movement.  Stepping back into the treatment area.....WOW!  I didn't count, but I would estimate more than 60 private treatment rooms which should allow for expansion of staff and services.  We also saw areas where group therapy can take place and support in ways that only Vets can understand.  Office space for Dr.'s and admins and the staff has a welcoming and spacious break area.  The setting outside of the facility is surrounded by nature and the location of the facility is on the MATS line and there's work happening as we speak to make it a stop for those who rely on public transportation.  There are spaces for physical and mental health. A food pantry is there to help with those who are in need.  There's a lab on the premises. This is an all encompassing vast space dedicated to those who have served and the grand opening and ribbon cutting is coming up in June if all goes to plan.  There is a delay in receiving the furniture for the facility.  Stay tuned for the details on the grand opening event.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to share this first look inside what will become a healing space for so many.  Muskegon's dedication to our Veteran population is second to none and we know the importance of honoring those who served.  When the dedication date is written in stone, we'll be sure to tell you about it and we hope you consider this a precursor to the invitation to celebrate as a community of what is here now, and will serve those who served for generations to come.   

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